Asset Checks

Asset checks can provide insight into the financial status of individuals or companies, whether they have collectable assets when you are owed money, or if you are a the victim of fraudulent activity.

SRI can provide a complete check of assets per individual or company for:

  • Address verifications
  • Employment searches
  • Court records
  • Driver’s license reports
  • Medical record checks
  • Criminal checks
  • Purged information checks
  • Social security traces
  • Bank affiliations
  • Personal and real property searches
  • $25 minimum to open a file

Search is Per Defendant or Per Company

Search is Per Defendant or Per Company

Search is Per Defendant or Per Company

Asset Check Category 1

  • Verify SSN and DOB
  • Confirm Residential Address
  • Real Property Search
  • Personal Property Search
  • Marine Property Search
  • Bank Affiliations
  • Criminal Search
    (Felony Only in MO)
  • VoterRegistration

Asset Check Category 2

  • Confirm Employment
    (MO Only)

Asset Check Category 3

  • Confirm Bank Account
    (Account may be Jointly Owned)
  • Verify Account Status Date
  • Bank Affiliations

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Call for Pricing

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